Helping you reach your zero waste goals

An apples to apples comparison of companies' Response Diversion efforts.

The dream of any facility's waste manager is to have a program that uses all waste in an environmental way, while driving down the cost of waste disposal– a “Green Answer” (ecologically and financially) to the question of how to handle all of the produced waste. The goal is to develop strategies to reuse or recycle some materials and compost others; all in an effort toward environmental and fiscal efficiency, thus approaching zero waste and improving a facility's bottom line.

The Response Diversion Index or “ReDi Index®” measures a waste program’s processes and effectiveness. In simple terms, ReDi will analyze what you’re doing with your waste, and will let you know how well you are doing.

This will provide you the data you need to further improve your program as you find like companies who have overcome similar challenges.


Compare your results to other organizations in similar industries. Contact them to find better ways to divert waste.



Search locally to reduce your carbon footprint and Partner with neighbor companies to reduce your landfill waste.



As with other achievements, display the ReDi Index® badge on your company's website.



Show your team and your competition how well you compare to other ReDi Index® Partners.


By making apples to apples comparisons, the ReDi Index® provides invaluable waste stream information to your business on a local and global scale.

The ReDi Index® Team